How Do I Determine If I Am Jewish?

Do you have Jewish roots? Are you an Ashkenazi or Sephardic? Are you a Levi or a Cohen? My jewish test is very simple. No, I am not speaking about the law of “You are a Jew if your mother is Jewish”. If you like Bamba and malt beer (Birah Shchora) – You are Jewish 🙂

Judaism is passed on exclusively through the biological female line. This means that if you trace your Jewish lineage through your mother’s mother’s mother’s mother (etc.), you are Jewish, even if all other branches of your family are not Jewish.

More ways to know

DNA test – A DNA test provides you with clear evidence of whether you have Jewish roots according to the science but not according to Jewish law. Based on your specific genetic characteristics, some companies like iGENEA can identify whether you are of Jewish descent, which line the Jewish descent is from (paternal, maternal or both lines) and even to what percentage you are Jewish. In addition, your profile is compared with more than 700,000 people in their database.

Book – get a book from your local library or buy one on Amazon or here.

Community – If you have been living as a Jew as part of the Jewish community for your whole life (as has your biological family for as long as anyone knows), it is safe to assume that you are Jewish. The same would apply to someone who either converted or is the direct descendant of a (female) convert.

Take The Test

Being Jewish have no meaning if you’re not practicing Judaism. All it takes is 10 questions. Good luck: Jewish IQ >>

Keeping Your Kitchen Kosher (infographics)

Keeping your Kitchen Kosher

  1. Separate pot and dish sets & storage with at least one for dairy. Mark drawers with “dairy” and “meat” labels. Recognize the difference of the pots and utensil. E.g. The “dairy” knife if blue.
  2. Two separate sinks. Right sink is “dairy”
  3. Ovens – double, two singles or stove with a separate oven.
  4. Best oven: “Self cleaning”  so you can switch from dairy <–> meat
  5. Cutlery and utensil drawers – double or an extra for dairy
  6. Microwave box to “dairy” use with label.
  7. Buy only kosher. Show some signs like OU, OK and COR:

Kashering/Making a kitchen Kosher

  1. Kashering your kitchen is at least a two-day process. You will need to clean all the elements and then wait 24 hours before kashering them. This goes back to the rule “eino ben yomo”, “not of the day”–a full 24-hour day must pass in order for the various parts of your kitchen to lose any unkosher flavor they might have absorbed. After 24 hours, those flavors are considered ta’am lifgam, having a bad taste. This minimizes the chance that traces of treif [unkosher food] could still contaminate the kitchen while it is being kashered.
  2. k’volo kach polto, an expression that means, literally, “as it is absorbed, so is it purged.”
  3. Libun (=”purify” ) : grill, baking pans used in an oven, or frying pans used to heat oil.
  4. Libun Gamur, “complete purification” : heating a pan or grill until it is red hot. To heat pans until they are red hot usually requires a blowtorch, as your standard oven does not reach temperatures that are hot enough, and this is a procedure most often performed by a rabbi.
  5. Libun Kal, “simple purification” : Heating metal hot enough that paper touching it scorches. When an oven goes through a self-cleaning cycle, it gets this hot. This is a method you might use on a frying pan.
  6. Hag’alah, “scouring” or “scalding,” : pots or flatware that have become treif through contact with hot liquids (show image of the 3 “CHA”: חם, חריף, חמוץ). Hag’alah meansdeeping the item in a large pot of boiling water.
  7. Irui, “infusion,” is kashering by pouring boiling water over something, a method used for countertops and sinks.
  8. Now an arrow go back to ” Keeping your Kitchen Kosher” –> Separate sets, drawers, etc..

Kosher Meal Ideas: The Best Kosher Recipes I Could Find

I was excited to share my most popular recipes at the start of the year.  A few weeks later, this list of Jewish Food Bloggers You Should Follow in 2017 was published by Melinda at Kitchen Tested and it got me thinking. What are some of the all-time best kosher recipes out there? So I asked my foodie […]

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Israeli F-16s to participate at Maple Flag XXXVIII

Friday, May 13, 2005 – For the first time, the IDF/AF is dispatching fighter jets to Canada to participate in the Maple Flag exercises which will take place May 15-June 24. They will have 10 F-16s and about 150 air crew in Alberta.

The Israeli air force confirmed that it had accepted a Canadian invitation to participate in the annual war games and was sending F-16 Fighting Falcons there. The move follows a policy by the IAF to participate in more international air exercises. The IAF has trained with the Italian, Romanian, German, Polish and Turkish air forces. It has also said it will hold a joint exercise with the Indians, but no date has been set. 

Reports from Canada said that the IDF/AF was sending 10 F-16s and about 150 air crew to Alberta. 

More than 5,000 military personnel from 11 nations and a NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control (AWACS) contingent will participate in exercise Maple Flag XXXVIII. In addition, seven nations will observe the exercise as part of the International Observer Program (IOP). The exercise stretches over three two-week periods through May and June:

  • Period 1: 15 May – 27 May
  • Period 2: 29 May – 10 June
  • Period 3: 12 June -24 June

Maple Flag XXXVIII “Blue Air” Friendly Forces

The following forces are scheduled to participate in this year’s air combat exercise as “Blue Air.” They will deploy to provide conventional ground attack, air superiority, SEAD (suppression of enemy air defence), tactical resupply, reconnaissance, air-to-air refueling, and AWACS (airborne early warning and control):

  • Canadian Forces
  • Belgian Air Force
  • German Air Force
  • French Air Force
  • Israeli Air Force
  • NATO AWACS (airborne early warning and control contingent)
  • Royal Air Force
  • Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Royal New Zealand Air Force
  • Republic of Singapore Air Force
  • Swedish Air Force
  • United States Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps

Maple Flag XXXVIII “Red Air” Opposing Forces

The following forces are scheduled to participate in this year’s coalition exercise as “Red Air.” They will deploy to provide air and ground threat:

  • 14 CTS (United States Air Force)
  • 64th AGRS (United States Air Force aggressor squadron)
  • 266th Range Squadron (United States Air National Guard)

A number of Arab countries have been invited, but none is sending active aircraft. Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, which is currently receiving the F-16 Block 60, are sending observers. 

Maple Flag XXXVIII Observing Nations

The following nations are sending military members who will observe but not participate in the exercise:

  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Greece
  • Qatar
  • Singapore
  • United Arab Emirates

The Cold Lake range spreads across more than 11,000 of northern Alberta bush land. With civilian traffic banned from the area, military pilots have free rein to practice combat skills. 

The range contains dozens of mock targets for planes to attack, including airfields, industrial complexes and military installations. 

A number of different combat and combat support aircraft will be participating in this year?s exercise, including: Mirage F-1 and Mirage 2000N, F-15 Eagle and F-15E Strike Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon, CF-18 Hornet, EA-6B Prowler, Tornado GR4, B-1B Lancer, E-3 Sentry AWACS, Transall C-160, C-130 Hercules, B-707.

Exercise Maple Flag is a Canadian variation of the United States Air Force Red Flag exercise, held several times a year at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. Both exercises were developed in response to a Vietnam War finding that 90 percent of aircraft losses took place during the first ten combat missions. Aircrew who survived these critical first ten missions were more likely to survive the remainder of their combat tour.

The IDF/AF has long been a participant in the US Red Flag exercise.