What makes Kolatin Gelatin Kosher?

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Glatech Productions was founded to develop a high quality Real kosher gelatin, which can be used for the rapidly growing Kosher industry. As the need for Real Kosher gelatin increased, Glatech Productions began mass producing in the U.K. a high-quality Kosher gelatin sourced exclusively from hides sourced in the USA and are now producing in Mexico on an ongoing basis. There have been many gelatin companies over the years, which claimed to produce Kosher gelatin. However, since those gelatins are obtained from non-kosher hides or bones they have not been accepted by any major Kosher-certifying agency in the U.S.A., Canada or most of the world.

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The most common kosher gelatin which is used is marine gelatin (fish), as the skins and scales of fish contain relatively large amounts of collagen. This is easier from a kosher perspective since fish do not have to be halachically slaughtered. However, kosher fish is not the only source http://www.ok.org/kosherspirit/fall-2015/fish-gelatin/

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