Fitgelatins Kosher Gelatin Collagen

Posted by: Yaakov Holzer Aleta Collagen

Fitgelatins is the worlds largest Kosher Gelatin & Kosher Collagen provider. Fitgelatins was established with the aim of providing high-quality kosher gelatin & collagen to cater to the rapidly growing kosher industry at an affordable price. With the increasing demand for authentic kosher gelatin, Fitgelatins has been producing quality kosher gelatin & collagen sourced exclusively from Kosher hides as well as Kosher marine sources. While there have been several gelatin companies claiming to produce kosher gelatin, their products are often obtained from non-kosher hides or bones, which has led to their rejection by major kosher-certifying agencies.

Our Bovine Gelatin & Kosher Collagen is OU Certified, Pareve & Kosher for Passover.

Our Marine Gelatin & Marine Collagen is CRC Certified Pareve.

So whether you are a large company or a home chef, get your quality kosher Gelatin & Collagen from the source.

Early Maariv changes (and/or קבלת שבת)

The question

I would like to know your perspective on the following:

We don’t really poskin that an early Maariv changes (and/or קבלת שבת) the date, do we? (Along the lines of a Terumas haDeshen, if I recall correctly.) There have been times when I have been surprised in both directions (when someone with a yahrzeit acts as if he is no longer a “chiyuv” for Maariv, even though the date hasn’t changed; as well as someone with a yahrzeit on the upcoming day treating the early Maariv as if it is already the next date). I would have thought that even though it is the next day’s Maariv, it isn’t really the next day, it is just that it is permissible to fulfill Tefillas Maariv before dark.

This past Erev Shabbos my father was planning on still saying kaddish at the early Maäriv minyan – since even though it is Maariv, it was still 23 Tammuz and not yet the next date. And yet someone else in the community who plans on early (between plag & shkia) Shabbos this week, assumes that his 2 Av yahrzeit starts at קבלת שבת, even though before shkia it is still Rosh Chodesh Av.

Thank you, Kol Tuv, etc.

The Answer

Rav Gad Ifrah said for most things yes, the Maariv actually changes the date.

Kashrus Symbols – how would someone looking at your website know that they are reliable to their standards?


Are all the symbols listed by you certified kosher to your standards?
Are you affiliated with any better known kosher supervisory board?
In other words, how would someone looking at your website know that you are reliable to their standards?


Happy Chanukah,
I assume you refer to

Or it doesn’t matter for your question.

Have you ever been in Israel? I assure you did. My brother, a Ponovitz yeshiva rabbi is only eating certain kashrus called “She’eris Yisroel“. I don’t think you ever heard about it before.

Is that mean he’s not eating Badatz? Well, it depend on the product and the place it served. If he doesn’t know what to decide – He asks his Rebbe, probably Rabbi Chaim Kanyevski.

Here you have your answer. Not all yidden trust the entire list. Some does and for others – it’s fine. The product which barry the symbol sign in our list is Kosher. All boil down to different SHITOT (halacha opinions). For example, even Chabad which KSA is theirs, not eating all of the products it’s on!

You go from here with your own SHITA, or level of due diligence. And if you don’t have – ask your rabbi. You must have one.

Is Harris Teeter brand soda kosher

For those who don’t know, Harris Teeter is grocery chain on the west coast owned by Kroger. Their soda and drink brands require a proper kosher symbol in order to be kosher.

All sodas in general required to be under a hashgacha (see why). Some large known soda brands could be kosher without the symbol on the bottle because it’s known that brand is always kosher, (like Coke which has been kosher for 90 years so it’s incredibly unlikely to pick up bottle which was not supervised kosher).

It is common in places outside the United States for kosher foods and drinks not to have kosher symbols on the labels. However it is required to know which which brand and production run has kosher supervision.

Is BURBERRY perfume for women kosher for Pesach?

COR Passover guide 2019 says:Perfume, Cologne – make sure that it should not have Chametz-derived alcohol.

What if the label says only denatured alcohol ?

Some view that as a problem as it usually reversible. This is because the government requirement of “denatured alcohol” just requires that the reverse process be more expensive then just buying liquor.


If there is a chance that the alcohol comes from grain products and you follow the strict opinion of denatured alcohol then you should sell it with the rest of your chametz before Pasach.

But if anyone could give us information about the source of the alcohol in this product it would be helpful.

The Que Village Smokehouse & Brew

A new meat in Toronto has opened. A fully liquor licensed delicious burger and steakhouse. Prime smoked burgers with beer the best Toronto has to offer.


1100 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, ON M6C 2E2


keeping kosher in a non-kosher world

Rabbi Eliezer Wolff wrote this for a general Jewish Orthodox audience. The book is slightly dated but all the concepts are richly educational. The topics covered are concise but extensive enough to cover almost every problem or question you might come across.

The book was translated into multiple languages including Russian. Translate this page to Russian, French, Spanish, Hebrew or Yiddish by clicking on the flag on the right side here –>

The topic headings are as follows:

1 Drinking coffee in a non-kosher restaurant.
2,3 Eating in a vegetarian restaurant.
4 Buying fish in non-kosher fish stores.
5,6 Buying fruit and juice in non-kosher stores.
7-10 Laws pertaining to a dishwasher.
11-13 Laws pertaining to a stove top.
14-17 Laws pertaining to an oven.
18-20 Laws pertaining to microwave ovens.
21-22 Laws concerning Cholov Yisroel.
23-25 Bread baked by Jews and non-Jews.
26 Using and kashering a toaster.
27 Cheese made by non-Jews.
28-30 Food cooked by non-Jews.
31 A non-Jew working in the kitchen.
32-35 Kashering utensils.
36-39 Laws concerning dipping utensils in a mikveh.
40-41 Laws concerning buying kosher meat.
42-43 Foods requiring Rabbinic supervision.
44 Definition of ‘glatt kosher’. What is Glatt Kosher mean?
45 Laws concerning old and new flour.

Kashrus Alert – MIA FOODS

Montreal Kosher kashruth alert states that all the following products are not kosher until further notice. This list was taken from the MK website.

Nordstrom Kosher in Toronto

Two Nordstrom luxury department stores in Toronto offer kosher meals. One in Yorkdale Shopping Mall in North York and one in the Eaton Center downtown. The kosher symbol is COR.

The status of the glasses and cutlery should be looked into.

Grab & GO (Nordstroms 2nd FL Bar Verde) 260 Yonge St Toronto ON M5B 2L9 Canada (416) 552-2920

Grab & GO (Nordstroms 2nd FL Habitant Restaurant) 3401 Dufferin St Toronto ON M6A 2T9 Canada (416) 780-6645

Grab & GO (Foodwares at the Bay Lower Level Hudson Bay Co) 176 Yonge St Toronto ON M5C 2L7 Canada (416) 861-9111