How Do I Determine If I Am Jewish?

Do you have Jewish roots? Are you an Ashkenazi or Sephardic? Are you a Levi or a Cohen? My jewish test is very simple. No, I am not speaking about the law of “You are a Jew if your mother is Jewish”. If you like Bamba and malt beer (Birah Shchora) – You are Jewish 🙂

Judaism is passed on exclusively through the biological female line. This means that if you trace your Jewish lineage through your mother’s mother’s mother’s mother (etc.), you are Jewish, even if all other branches of your family are not Jewish.

More ways to know

DNA test – A DNA test provides you with clear evidence of whether you have Jewish roots according to the science but not according to Jewish law. Based on your specific genetic characteristics, some companies like iGENEA can identify whether you are of Jewish descent, which line the Jewish descent is from (paternal, maternal or both lines) and even to what percentage you are Jewish. In addition, your profile is compared with more than 700,000 people in their database.

Book – get a book from your local library or buy one on Amazon or here.

Community – If you have been living as a Jew as part of the Jewish community for your whole life (as has your biological family for as long as anyone knows), it is safe to assume that you are Jewish. The same would apply to someone who either converted or is the direct descendant of a (female) convert.

Take The Test

Being Jewish have no meaning if you’re not practicing Judaism. All it takes is 10 questions. Good luck: Jewish IQ >>

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