Kashrus Symbols – how would someone looking at your website know that they are reliable to their standards?


Are all the symbols listed by you certified kosher to your standards?
Are you affiliated with any better known kosher supervisory board?
In other words, how would someone looking at your website know that you are reliable to their standards?


Happy Chanukah,
I assume you refer to https://www.ekollel.com/kosher-symbols/

Or it doesn’t matter for your question.

Have you ever been in Israel? I assure you did. My brother, a Ponovitz yeshiva rabbi is only eating certain kashrus called “She’eris Yisroel“. I don’t think you ever heard about it before.

Is that mean he’s not eating Badatz? Well, it depend on the product and the place it served. If he doesn’t know what to decide – He asks his Rebbe, probably Rabbi Chaim Kanyevski.

Here you have your answer. Not all yidden trust the entire list. Some does and for others – it’s fine. The product which barry the symbol sign in our list is Kosher. All boil down to different SHITOT (halacha opinions). For example, even Chabad which KSA is theirs, not eating all of the products it’s on!

You go from here with your own SHITA, or level of due diligence. And if you don’t have – ask your rabbi. You must have one.

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