About Us

About Us.

What is the Kosher Search Engine Product?

eKollel and the kosher search engines is a Not-for-Profit initiative designed to help Jewish (and non Jewish) people to find answers to kosher related questions. We are relies heavily on the generosity support of people like you by simply like us (Hakars hatov) on social media. Yep, we ask no donation!


I was COR Mashgiach in Edmonton, AB from 2002 to 2014. This is my father-in-law visiting Bunge Canada plant for Kashrus supervision (Hashgacha). The facilities I was משגיח כשרות includes:

    • Bunge Canada – Food company operating in over 40 countries with approximately 32,000 employees; Produces edible oil products for consumers and commercial customers in the food processing, industrial and artisanal bakery, confectionery, human nutrition and food service categories


    • Fantasyland Hotel – Fantasyland Hotel is located within North America’s most comprehensive retail and entertainment complex, West Edmonton Mall. The hotel has 1500 employees and within the worlds largest mall – West Edmonton Mall



    • Cafe Levi restaurant (fast food) – West Edmonton Mall’s Cafe Levi features delicious dishes such as, fresh salads, signature sandwiches, and handcrafted pizza. We will satisfy all your vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free needs. Eat in or take out.Cafe Levi is under the supervision of Edmonton Kosher (EK) and is Cholov Yisroel


  • And many more plants, restaurants across Alberta and Ontario

What is eKollel?

Edmonton Kollel offers daily Classes, daily minyanim for Shachrit, Mincha and Ma’ariv. Also a lot of free services and entertainment for the community. Everyone is welcome to come and try a class, listen to a tape or take out a book. Official website is here: http://www.edmontonkollel.com . You can download their ZMANIM here. Rosh Kollel is Rabbi Uri Barak (click to view his picture). Most of the time I’m in contact with Rabbi White.

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