keeping kosher in a non-kosher world

Rabbi Eliezer Wolff wrote this for a general Jewish Orthodox audience. The book is slightly dated but all the concepts are richly educational. The topics covered are concise but extensive enough to cover almost every problem or question you might come across.

The book was translated into multiple languages including Russian. Translate this page to Russian, French, Spanish, Hebrew or Yiddish by clicking on the flag on the right side here –>

The topic headings are as follows:

1 Drinking coffee in a non-kosher restaurant.
2,3 Eating in a vegetarian restaurant.
4 Buying fish in non-kosher fish stores.
5,6 Buying fruit and juice in non-kosher stores.
7-10 Laws pertaining to a dishwasher.
11-13 Laws pertaining to a stove top.
14-17 Laws pertaining to an oven.
18-20 Laws pertaining to microwave ovens.
21-22 Laws concerning Cholov Yisroel.
23-25 Bread baked by Jews and non-Jews.
26 Using and kashering a toaster.
27 Cheese made by non-Jews.
28-30 Food cooked by non-Jews.
31 A non-Jew working in the kitchen.
32-35 Kashering utensils.
36-39 Laws concerning dipping utensils in a mikveh.
40-41 Laws concerning buying kosher meat.
42-43 Foods requiring Rabbinic supervision.
44 Definition of ‘glatt kosher’. What is Glatt Kosher mean?
45 Laws concerning old and new flour.

Is Ember Grill in Cancun, Mexico Kosher?

Ember Grill is Kosher!

New Glatt Kosher restaurant, Ember Kosher, is just a few steps from the most popular Cancun hotels. and under the Kashrus of KMD- Star of David (Badatz of Mexico City). During your stay, let our NY and Cancun based managers show you how easy travelling kosher to Cancun can be.


Blvd Kukulcan 9 Punta Cancun Zona Hotelera 77500 Cancun QR Mexico 


Are all Soda Pop Kosher?

No. They are not all Kosher.

Scroll down for list of none-kosher pop soda beverages.


3C (when bearing OU)
5 Hour Energy Drink Only when bearing the Star K on the label
A & W Cream Soda, Root Beer
Acme when bearing OU
Activate (when bearing OU)
Adirondack (when bearing OU)
Albertson’s (when bearing OU)
All Beauty (when bearing OU)

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Nabisco 100 Chips Ahoy


Are the following kosher? Nabisco 100 Calorie packs Chips Ahoy! thin crisps. 
and the 100 calorie pack oreo thin crisps? 
The cookie are, or used to be… but there is no OU on these boxes. 


Some products are Kosher if you see OY symbol.

This is what I found on OU website >>

Anchovy Paste Manufactured in Spain


I live in Brooklyn., NY, which is has far the largest orthodox jewish population anywhere on this planet. My question to you is regarding an item with a not known-to-me Kashrus Supervision. 

I purchased the following item here in Flatbush (Brooklyn,NY) in a non-jewish owned grocery. Kindly reply if the ‘Hechsher‘ is at all reliable and if not, if the product is acceptable. (Purchase price is minimal, $1.39).


Anchovy Paste (Fish). Manufactured in Spain, for “Roland” Company. The Hechsher reads inside the symbol: Harabanut Harashit of Madrid, Spain. The Kashrus symbol is a round design with a Star of David inside it and some Hebrew lettering, as well as English, saying Kosher, Parve, the Hebrew word “Hareshit” is misspelled (with ‘Samach, instead of ‘Shin’). The ingredients are (as per box): Anchovies, Salt,Olive Oil, Acetic Acid. “Packed exclusively for American Roland Food Corp; New York, NY 10010. visit us at

Roland also sells Sardines with the OU symbol, I have no problem with those products. I doubt that there is a Orthodox Jewsish population in Spain, so a Rabbinic endorsement from there raises my suspicion. 

I am allergic to wool. Can I wear Tzitzit?


I am looking for cotton or silk tzitzit (preferably pre-tied) as I am allergic to wool. I was told you may be able to help. Please let me know if you carry these, or know where I can find them. 

Thank you in advance, 


Although many people believe they are allergic to wool, a true wool allergy is rare. If you experience formaldehyde allergy symptoms, such as burning eyes, skin rashes, and chest tightness, look for clothing that’s only lightly treated with resins, such as pure cotton, polyester, nylon, and acrylic.

There are many non-wool Talit katan (tziztit) in the market that made from cotton.

Is flaxseed oil pills Chametz?

Are flax seeds kosher for Passover?


Yes, they are kosher for Passover if they raw, and certainly not Chametz.

What about flaxseed oil?

The Star-k contains neither flax seeds nor linseed oil. The cRc Guide states explicitly that “Flax seeds are not kitniyot“. The OU lists linseed in the category “The following are not considered Kitniyot, but may require special checking”. writes as a comment on flax seeds “this is considered to be acceptable by some rabbis and kitniot by others”.

Note: The image product IS NOT kosher for passover.

Is MCVITIES made by United Biscuits / Pladis Kosher?

For the Kosher question on United Biscuits website, they replied:

Are any UB products Kosher certified?

For any of our products that are Kosher certified, the recognised Kosher symbol (like OU) will be displayed on pack.

Are all Nestle products Kosher?


Source: OU Kosher.

Nestlé was founded in 1847 when Henri Nestlé developed the world’s first infant food for babies who were unable to breastfeed. Over 157 years later, providing the very best in nutritious food and beverage products is still a company priority. Nestlé has been committed to making good food for all occasions in life—from the first cup of Nescafé® coffee in the morning to an evening treat with Nestlé® Toll House® candy bars. Nestlé is also known around the world for its high standards of quality. Therefore, Nestlé’s understanding of the integral role food plays in life, coupled with its devotion to quality, spurs on its commitment to providing kosher products.

Nestlé USA has been named Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Food Company” six years in a row. With 2002 sales of $11.1 billion, Nestlé’s well-known brands include Nestlé® Toll House®, Nestlé® Nesquik®, Nestlé® Coffee-mate®, Nescafé®, and Nestlé® Carnation®. Nestlé USA is part of Nestlé S.A. in Vevey, Switzerland—the world’s largest food company with 2002 sales of $57.6 billion. Nestlé USA and the Orthodox Union (OU) have a long-standing relationship that dates back to the original Nestlé Foods Corporation, which was opened in the United States in 1900.

Kosher was a priority for Nestlé’s initial confections business in this country. The company established a close relationship with the OU, which was its local kosher certifying agency as well as the largest such agency in the United States. In addition, Nestlé recognized that the OU symbol is the most widely known kosher symbol and is highly regarded for the certification standards it represents. Nestlé acquired other companies through the years, and when they were consolidated into Nestlé USA in 1990, the relationship with the OU was carried over to other businesses as much as possible. Today, providing kosher products is still important to Nestlé USA.

Maintaining a tight process is key when so many different players are involved. Clearly defined policies and procedures ensure the integrity of the kosher program. Richard Hutson, Director of Quality Assurance, oversees all of the kosher labeling information for the Nestlé USA’s Confections & Snacks Division. He says the biggest challenge in obtaining and maintaining kosher status is the availability of kosher raw ingredients.

Kosher dietary laws significantly influence the food-buying needs of more than seven million consumers. Providing kosher products is another way Nestlé meets consumers’ unique needs. Nestlé USA’s kosher program covers a wide spectrum of food and beverage products from thirst quenchers and coffee break delights (including Nestlé® NESQUIK® flavored milks, Nestea® instant and regular tea, Nescafé®, Taster’s Choice® instant coffee, Nescafé® Frothé®, and Nestlé® Coffee-mate® coffee creamer), to tasty treats and baking pleasures (such as Nestlé® Baby Ruth®, Nestlé® Butterfinger®, Nestlé® Crunch®, Nestlé® Toll House® Candy Bar, Nestlé Signatures TreasuresTM, Nestlé® SignaturesTM Turtles®, and Nestlé® Carnation® evaporated milks). Nestlé USA also has kosher baby products (such as GOOD START® ESSENTIALS and GOOD START® ESSENTIALS SOY infant formulas) and foodservice products (including Nestlé® Toll House® cookie dough and Trio® gravies and sauces).

“Each product has a complex formulation that requires a multitude of ingredients. Each ingredient has to be kosher. This can be a hurdle in achieving kosher status. Despite this obstacle, Nestlé USA strives to help brands that want their products OU-labeled to achieve their goal.”

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