Is Sinai kosher?

This is the message from sinai kosher:
Bests Kosher, Sinai Kosher, Shofar and Wilno products will no longer be manufactured by Sara Lee Corporation

Is SIKS Kosher?

This is the letter we have received from SIKS. We are not vouch for the accuracy of the information.

Dear Ekollel Site,

Please let us introduce our Kosher Supervision and Certification Organization.

The “Kosher-SIKS” (Services International Kosher Supervision Ltd.) mission is to provide Kosher Supervision and Kosher Certification to food industries worldwide, including Kosher Food Supervision and Certification for Passover.

Rabbi Moshe Saadoun, Shalita, our Chief Kashrut Administrator has twenty years of experience in Kashrut. Situated in Israel and Italy, our Kashrut SIKS is worldwide recognized.

We’d appreciate a lot to know which is the procedure to add our SIKS Symbol at your site-page: eKollel – Kosher Symbols.

Looking forward to receive your answer as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards

Siks Ltd Office
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Define Shidduch שידוך

The Shidduch (Hebrew:  שידוך  plural: shidduchim שידוכים) is a system of matchmaking in which Jewish singles are introduced to one another in Orthodox Jewish communities and dating for the purpose of marriage.

The picture taken from the TV series in Israel Shtisel. Here is a short video from one of the advance dates (not the 1st one) between Kive and Libby:


Define Shatnez

Shatnez ( Hebrew שעטנז) is the prohibition in Jewish law derived from the Torah that prohibits the wearing of a fabric containing both wool and linen (linsey-woolsey); this forbidden mixture is referred to in Judaism as shatnez. The relevant parts of the Torah (Leviticus 19:19 and Deuteronomy 22:5, 22:9-11) prohibit an individual from wearing wool and linen fabrics in one garment, the interbreeding of different species of animals, and the planting together of different kinds of seeds (collectively known as kilayim).

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In this FAQ you can find brands which their clothing contain Shaatnez

Badatz Rubin Rechovot

Badatz Mehadrin – Rabbi Avraham Rubin
Home Badatz Mehadrin – Rabbi Avraham Rubin

Feel free to contact us 647-831-4916

Kashrus Administrator: Rabbi Yisrael Bernstein

10 Miriam Mizrachi St., 6th Floor, Room 18, Rechovot, 76106 Israel

(9728) 939-0816

(9728) 939-0818

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Pas Yisroel (Pat Israel)

Pat (pas) Israel (Hebrew: פת ישראל) is Jewish Supervision including the lighting of the oven flames which are restricted from being lit by gentiles. Many observant Jews are relaxed in this restriction.

The flip side of the term is Pas Nochri (Hebrew: פת נכרי) or Pat Akkum (Hebrew: פת עכו”ם) which is a bread (some says cookies) made from the five grain, baked by a non-Jew.

הלכות מאכלות אסורות – איסור פת נכרי ומהו פת ישראל

Laws of forbidden foods – prohibition of non-kosher foods and the prohibition of Non-Pat-Israel

Define Nesech Wine יין נסך

During the times of Chazal, it was common for non-Jews to pour wine libations as a means of serving idols. Such wine is called yayin nesech (Hebrew: יין נסך), and a Jew may not derive any benefit from this wine. Due to this concern, Chazal enacted a gezeira (decree) which forbade the use of any wine which has been poured by a non-Jew, whether or not it was intended as a form of idol worship. This wine is known as stam yeinom.