Is SIKS Kosher?

This is the letter we have received from SIKS. We are not vouch for the accuracy of the information.

Dear Ekollel Site,

Please let us introduce our Kosher Supervision and Certification Organization.

The “Kosher-SIKS” (Services International Kosher Supervision Ltd.) mission is to provide Kosher Supervision and Kosher Certification to food industries worldwide, including Kosher Food Supervision and Certification for Passover.

Rabbi Moshe Saadoun, Shalita, our Chief Kashrut Administrator has twenty years of experience in Kashrut. Situated in Israel and Italy, our Kashrut SIKS is worldwide recognized.

We’d appreciate a lot to know which is the procedure to add our SIKS Symbol at your site-page: eKollel – Kosher Symbols.

Looking forward to receive your answer as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards

Siks Ltd Office
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2 Replies to “Is SIKS Kosher?”

    1. Um I hope you didn’t recommend siks there’s nothing reliable abt them it’s almost like eating triangle k

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