What is Batel B’Shishim (nullified in 60)?

A mix of two kosher ingredients that can make it kosher or not-kosher depends on if it is “Batel B’Shishim” or nullified in 60 (Hebrew: בטל בשישים), and can apply to:

  • Milk and meat
  • Fish and meat
  • Kosher for Pesach and Chametz (hint: the nullified in 60 is never applied for Passover!)

How is it calculated? 1/60th of the total volume of the food.

I can’t write better than Rabbi Dovid Heber from Star-K kosher:

Chart and many scenarios can be found here

One Reply to “What is Batel B’Shishim (nullified in 60)?”

  1. lichvoid toroso,
    i dont mean to be a pain but i believe that usually batel beshishim is
    1/61 (or 1:60, 1 to 60) not 1/60.
    k’chal is 1:59 which is 1/60.
    .(because k’chal min haminyan.)
    i do appreciate your work.

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