Can I get Kosher food in Banff/Jasper National Park?

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: You have to know how to do it and plan ahead.

Food you can find in any Grocery Store

You can find many types of kosher food in any grocery store in Canada. You have to learn the Kashrut Signs (here), but COR and OU dominate the kosher certifications field. If you’re a little patient, besides ice cream and cookies (most of them are kosher), you can even find kosher bread. FYI, many dairy products are kosher too. Learn more here, and here. You can also buy fish if you know the law of fish kashrus. You will not find meat products anywhere around.

Cooked food, meat and “real food”

You can find in Edmonton, AB. List is here.

The Fairmont Hotels

I was able to celebrate a few Shabbatot in two of these Fairmont hotels enjoying Gourmet Glatt Kosher food. Contact me to learn how.

Is there a Chabad house near Banff/Jasper National Park?


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 Where can I get Kosher Food in Edmonton, Alberta (AB Canada)?

Where can I get Kosher Food in Edmonton, Alberta (AB Canada)?

Your Local Contact

Edmonton Kollel. Contact names, maps and detail can be found here. Scroll down to “what is eKollel?”. Basically there are two Kosher Certifications in AB (click on the symbol for more details):


Edmonton Kollel


Calgary Kosher

New Kosher Store in Edmonton

The “Kosher Food Connection” located in the heart of the Jewish community in Edmonton. The address is: 6805 170 St NW Edmonton, AB T5T 4W4
Phone number: (780) 489-6350
Languages Spoken: English and Hebrew

Where to Eat

Planet Pareve

Planet Pareve is a Specialty Food Shop located in the Edmonton Jewish Community Centre. Our motto is “Fresh made, every day!” Join us for morning coffee, fresh baked goods or a light lunch. Drop by and pick up a couple of entrees for a stress free dinner. Bring home desserts from our varied selection. You are invited to peruse our menu and services. Visit Planet Pareve at the Edmonton JCC Jewish Community Centre.

Phone: Contact Us
Address: 7200 156 Street (at the JCC)

Where to Buy


Wide selection of Kosher Products Available daily. Frozen Glatt meat, Frozen kosher burito, Pizza and many frozen kosher items. Also you can find products from Israel as Osem, Elite and more.

Address: 9106 – 142 Street
Phone: (780) 483-1525 or 483-1507
Map: Click here for a map >>


Sobeys has your largest selection of kosher foods in Alberta. A must stop before your trip to the Rockies. With a masgiach on site for fresh cut deli and cheeses, Sobeys can also do cheese trays, deli trays, fruit trays, vegetable trays and sandwich trays. We have Israeli cheeses, and a large selection of cholov yisroel dairy and ice cream. We have a huge selection of beef, veal, lamb, chicken, turkey and duck. We have bread from a local bakery and from Montreal. We have frozen take out foods, and vegetarian foods. Sobeys also carries pizzas, bourekas, gefilte fish, cookies, crackers, and so much more. Call Gary or email us at We are open 7 days a week from 8:00 – 11:00.

Address: 1030 Webber Greens Dr.
Phone: (780) 489-7762
Map: Click here for a map >>

Kosher Bread, Chalah and Cakes

Bliss Baked Good and Ben-M bakery. Quality Breads – Quality Deserts. Wide selection of Kosher dough products Available daily.

Address: 10710 142 St.
Phone: (780) 453-0101
Map: Click here for a map >>

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 Can I get Kosher food in Banff/Jasper National Park?