Is BURBERRY perfume for women kosher for Pesach?

COR Passover guide 2019 says:Perfume, Cologne – make sure that it should not have Chametz-derived alcohol.

What if the label says only denatured alcohol ?

Some view that as a problem as it usually reversible. This is because the government requirement of “denatured alcohol” just requires that the reverse process be more expensive then just buying liquor.


If there is a chance that the alcohol comes from grain products and you follow the strict opinion of denatured alcohol then you should sell it with the rest of your chametz before Pasach.

But if anyone could give us information about the source of the alcohol in this product it would be helpful.

Is Benadryl Kosher for Pessach?

If it is kosher for Pesach (Passover) – It is Kosher for year around, but never the opposite.


Allegra 12 Hr. & 24 Hr. tablets, Allegra Children’s Oral Suspension & tablets, Benadryl Children’s Allergy Chewables, Benadryl Allergy Ultratab tablets, Coricidin HBP – all types.

* May be use in Pesach if required

Do you have list of Pessach Certified Toothpastes?

Click here for list of Kosher for Passover Toothpaste List

Rav Schwartz (CRC) holds toothpaste does not require hashgachah, but…[Read more]

Toothpastes are Kosher because it is not pleasant tasting and not swallowed

The most kashrus sensitive ingredient often found in toothpaste is glycerin, which is often animal based, and usually makes up one third of the product. Unquestionably, glycerin without a hechsher should be assumed non-kosher. Nevertheless, Rav Yackov Kaminetzky ztl ruled that toothpastes containing glycerin were permissible since the primary ingredient in toothpaste was calcium carbonate, which is inedible. Rav Yackov reasoned that the requirement of requiring 60 times the amount of heter in proportion to issur (bitul bishishim) did not apply to a non-food item. Since calcium carbonate constituted a majority of the paste, the glycerin would be nullified based on the principle of bitul berov. Source: