Fitgelatins Kosher Gelatin Collagen

Posted by: Yaakov Holzer Aleta Collagen

Fitgelatins is the worlds largest Kosher Gelatin & Kosher Collagen provider. Fitgelatins was established with the aim of providing high-quality kosher gelatin & collagen to cater to the rapidly growing kosher industry at an affordable price. With the increasing demand for authentic kosher gelatin, Fitgelatins has been producing quality kosher gelatin & collagen sourced exclusively from Kosher hides as well as Kosher marine sources. While there have been several gelatin companies claiming to produce kosher gelatin, their products are often obtained from non-kosher hides or bones, which has led to their rejection by major kosher-certifying agencies.

Our Bovine Gelatin & Kosher Collagen is OU Certified, Pareve & Kosher for Passover.

Our Marine Gelatin & Marine Collagen is CRC Certified Pareve.

So whether you are a large company or a home chef, get your quality kosher Gelatin & Collagen from the source.