Can I Trust a Pure Hindu Vegetarian Meal to be Kosher?

Short answer – No. Kosher food does not end with meat and fish. It is much more complicated. Insects, preparation and sub-ingredients, to name a few crucial aspects of kashrus. The famous Kosher Rule of thumb:

If it is 99% kosher – It is 100% not kosher!

Stuck in Airport Without Kosher Food?

Follow these steps:

  1. Ask information about grocery stores in any of the airport terminals (there are probably a few terminals) and look for packaged items with any of these kosher symbols. I can guarantee that you will find some kosher items. Yeah, this is not really “food”. If you need real food and are not short on time – go to the next point
  2. Buy fruits, vegetables and other items that do not need a Kosher symbol for. For example, soft cheeses (read more about it here). We will try to post about this topic later.
  3. Ask Siri or google, “kosher near me”. You will be surprised! A year ago, I was stuck in a long, unplanned connection at Schiphol, Netherlands with no kosher food at all – nada. The steps in this blog were all tried, tested, and succeeded!
  4. Can I buy plain bread (or bun) in a non-kosher store? Short answer – no, you can’t, not in a place you have no access to the baker. We will try to post about this topic later.
  5. There is no kosher food on board, can I eat a pure vegetarian Hindu meal instead? No, you can’t trust it to be kosher. Read why here.

Test case:  Finding kosher food in Schiphol, Netherlands

I asked Google Assistant “kosher near me”, and got these results. Most of the kosher restaurants will be glad to deliver hot meal for you and your mates, usually within 30 to 40 minutes. Note: Sometimes Google can suggest kosher places that are not kosher at all. Don’t trust Google for your Olam-Ha’ba.  You must check with the restaurant if they have a valid kosher certificate or check with the local rabbinical authority. We will make your life easier – Search & Find Badatz Amserdam phone number here.

This is what you would find using eKollel Search