Do you have Talit talis catalog?

For Talitania Catalog Contact us >>  To see the catalog click here >> Manufacturer inventory Custom Tailored Prayer Shawls Video About Talitania Talitos Talitnia is a family owned business, established and managed by the Avner family, producing prayer shawls for five generations. The story of the plant starts in the late 19th century in Poland, moves …

Is Sinai kosher?

This is the message from sinai kosher: Bests Kosher, Sinai Kosher, Shofar and Wilno products will no longer be manufactured by Sara Lee Corporation YOU SHOULD DOUBLE CHECK IF THEIR HECHSHER (KASHRUS) IS STILL INTACT

Badatz Rubin Rechovot

Badatz Mehadrin – Rabbi Avraham Rubin Home Badatz Mehadrin – Rabbi Avraham Rubin Feel free to contact us 647-831-4916 Kashrus Administrator: Rabbi Yisrael Bernstein 10 Miriam Mizrachi St., 6th Floor, Room 18, Rechovot, 76106 Israel (9728) 939-0816 (9728) 939-0818 Location