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56 different names for sugar

This is not a Kosher recommended list. Some sugars listed here are 100% Chametz or Kitniyot. ...


Are all Nestle products Kosher?

IntroductionSource: OU Kosher.Nestlé was founded in 1847 when Henri Nestlé developed the ...


Are all Soda Pop Kosher?

No. They are not all Kosher. Scroll down for list of none-kosher pop soda beverages.KOSHER POP ...


I am allergic to wool. Can I wear Tzitzit?

QuestionI am looking for cotton or silk tzitzit (preferably pre-tied) as I am allergic to wool. I ...


Is Coffee Mate or Milk Alternatives Kosher?

COFFEE-MATE Liquid and Powder products are non-dairy and are Kosher according to the Orthodox Union ...


Kosher Search Engine Project

Welcome to the eKollel Search Engine Project. We brings you up-to-date Rabbinic resources to answer ...