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About Us

About Us. What is the Kosher Search Engine? eKollel and the kosher search engine is a ...


Can I learn Torah on Christmas day or Nittel Nacht?

Is it better to learn, or not learn Torah (playing chess) on XMS and Nittel Nacht (Yiddish: ...


Do Denture, Sea-Bon cleaning tablets need to be Kosher for Passover?

The ingredients in denture cleaners would appear to be chemicals that would make the tablets kosher ...


Funny, You don’t look Kosher

There's never been a better time to be peddling mock meats. For British Columbia-based Yves Veggie ...


Is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery allow By Halacha?

Cosmetic Surgery - Rabbi Chaim Jachter Introduction Last week we introduced the question as to ...


Rabbi Yacov Felder

Rabbi Yacov Felder is the chairman of Rabbinical Vaad Hakashruth and bais din for COR, rabbi at ...


Traibering Deveining (Nikkur)

The process of removing the nerve is called Deveining or Traibering from an Aramaic word meaning ...


Welchs Grape Juice

Some Welchs products are Kosher Reason: Many Welch grape-juices produced with the Manishevits ...


What is Cholov Yisroel?

Chalav Yisrael (Hebrew: חלב ישראל), common Ashkenazi pronunciation Cholov Yisroel, is a ...