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Are all Nestle products Kosher?

IntroductionSource: OU Kosher.Nestlé was founded in 1847 when Henri Nestlé developed the ...


Can I learn Torah on Christmas day or Nittel Nacht?

Is it better to learn, or not learn Torah (playing chess) on XMS and Nittel Nacht (Yiddish: ...


Is cannabis kosher?

Smoking marijuana does not have any kashruth concerns 1. Eatables however does have many kashruth ...


Is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery allow By Halacha?

Cosmetic Surgery - Rabbi Chaim Jachter Introduction Last week we introduced the question as to ...


What is Batel B’Shishim (nullified in 60)?

A mix of two kosher ingredients that can make it kosher or not-kosher depends on if it is "Batel ...


What is Birkat Halevana (bless of the moon)?

Birkat Halevana - Blessing the moon (Hebrew: ברכת הלבנה ) is not a black magic. It is ...


What is Cholov Yisroel?

Chalav Yisrael (Hebrew: חלב ישראל), common Ashkenazi pronunciation Cholov Yisroel, is a ...