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56 different names for sugar

This is not a Kosher recommended list. Some sugars listed here are 100% Chametz or Kitniyot. ...


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Do Cigarettes Contain an Chametz or Chametz Derivatives?

Question: Are cigarettes kosher In Israel everybody smoking, so I guess it is okay. Never heard any ...


Do Denture, Sea-Bon cleaning tablets need to be Kosher for Passover?

The ingredients in denture cleaners would appear to be chemicals that would make the tablets kosher ...


Is BURBERRY perfume for women kosher for Pesach?

COR Passover guide 2019 says:Perfume, Cologne - make sure that it should not have Chametz-derived ...


Is flaxseed oil pills Chametz?

Are flax seeds kosher for Passover?Answer:Yes, they are kosher for Passover if they raw, and ...


What is Batel B’Shishim (nullified in 60)?

A mix of two kosher ingredients that can make it kosher or not-kosher depends on if it is "Batel ...