Can I learn Torah on Christmas day or Nittel Nacht?

Is it better to learn, or not learn Torah (playing chess) on XMS and Nittel Nacht (Yiddish: ניטל נאַכט‎)? There are two opinions (שיטות): It is a mitzvah or it is forbidden. It is a Mitzvah De’oraita It is a mitzvah de’oraita of learning Torah every day and night. After all, what’s more important — a …

Is cannabis kosher?

Smoking marijuana does not have any kashruth concerns 1. Eatables however does have many kashruth and therefor requires a kosher certification. Some medically prescribed cannabis has a hechser (kosher) symbol on it from the OU.

Badatz Amsterdam

Badatz Amsterdam Head of Institution: Rabbi Eliezer Wolff shlit”a Manager: Rabbi Schmuel Katz Address: Van Der Boechorstraat 26 P.O.B: 7967 City: Amsterdam 1008 AD, Holland Contact: 3120-646-0046 Fax: 3120-646-4357   Related Topics Stuck in Airport Without Kosher Food?… Finding kosher food in Schiphol, Netherlands