KF hexagonal (UK)

KF is reliable kosher along with other UK kashrus agencies:

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Federation of Synagogues Beth Din 
65 Watford Way, London NW4 3AQ.
Tel: (44) 020 8202-2263
Fax: (44) 020 8203-0610
Dayan M.D. Elzas, Director of Kashrus Dayan Y.Y. Lichtenstein, Rosh Beth Din Dayan B. Berkovits. 

Email: info@kfkosher.org
Website: www.kfkosher.org,www.federationofsynagogues.com
Publication: Pesach in the Modern Home.
Updated: January 12, 2004
By: Simcha Hirsch, Administrator
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5 Replies to “KF hexagonal (UK)”

    1. It says on their website “KF” which is reliable hechsher. I would suggest you ask to see the certificate and the expiry date.
      If you already been there, please share your findings.

  1. Hi
    I supply food products into Israel and a potential supplier has KF certification. Is this sufficient for the Aeda haredit who normally require Badatz or mehadrin?

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