Is Coffee Mate or Milk Alternatives Kosher?

COFFEE-MATE Liquid and Powder products are non-dairy and are Kosher according to the Orthodox Union (as indicated by the OU symbol). As a courtesy, we place a “D” next to the kosher symbol (OU) to alert those who adhere to strict religious practices. COFFEE-MATE contains an ingredient called sodium caseinate, which is a milk derivative, though it’s classified as a non-dairy product. How is this so?

When sodium caseinate is processed, it is so materially altered that both dairy scientists and government regulators no longer regard it as a true dairy substance. This is why sodium caseinate can be an ingredient in non-dairy products, according to FDA, regulation 21 CFR 101.4 (d). Sodium caseinate is also not a source of lactose.

Check to find the word “caseinate” it in the label – Sodium caseinate is a milk protein!
I would treat it at least as DE ( dairy equipment ) if not Dairy. This is up to your Rabbi to decide.

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