Is Align Probiotic Kosher For Pesach (and year around)?

This is the response I got from

I wasnt 100% sure about it being kosher or not since it isnt on our
site, so I looked it up. Here is something that I found about it and I
thought it might be helpful:

Meets Vegetarian Diet

Align probiotic capsules are made with plant-based ingredients instead of gelatin. For vegetarians, thats good news. Gelatin, a by product of the slaughterhouse industry, is often used to make gel capsules.
Vegetarians, vegans and those eating kosher and other religious diets do not take products containing gelatin. Align is free from most animal products except for a trace amount of cows milk protein.

If this is a specific supplement you need, you would have to ask your
local Rabbi if you are allowed to take it, since it is vegetarian. I hope this was of help to you.

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