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Welcome to Edmonton Kollel. Shalom!

Edmonton Kollel offers daily Classes, daily minyanim for Shachrit, Mincha and Ma'ariv. Also a lot of free services and entertainment for the community. Everyone is welcome to come and try a class, listen to a tape or take out a book.


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 Sunday  8:00 pm  The way of hashem  Rabbi Hassan  Kollel
 Monday  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm  Private Tutorial Classes  Rabbi Hassan  Beth Israel
 Tuesday  8:00 pm  Latte & Learning (Ladies)  Rebbetzin from Kollel   Starbucks Coffee WEM
 Wednesday  12:15 pm  Lunch 'n' Learn  Rabbi Hassan  Kollel
 Thursday  8:00 pm  Jewish Thoughts  Rabbi Hassan  Goldford's Home




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