Can I get Kosher food in Banff/Jasper National Park?

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: You have to know how to do it and plan ahead.

Food you can find in any Grocery Store

You can find many types of kosher food in any grocery store in Canada. You have to learn the Kashrut Signs (here), but COR and OU dominate the kosher certifications field. If you’re a little patient, besides ice cream and cookies (most of them are kosher), you can even find kosher bread. FYI, many dairy products are kosher too. Learn more here, and here. You can also buy fish if you know the law of fish kashrus. You will not find meat products anywhere around.

Cooked food, meat and “real food”

You can find in Edmonton, AB. List is here.

The Fairmont Hotels

I was able to celebrate a few Shabbatot in two of these Fairmont hotels enjoying Gourmet Glatt Kosher food. Contact me to learn how.

Is there a Chabad house near Banff/Jasper National Park?


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