Anchovy Paste Manufactured in Spain


I live in Brooklyn., NY, which is has far the largest orthodox jewish population anywhere on this planet. My question to you is regarding an item with a not known-to-me Kashrus Supervision. 

I purchased the following item here in Flatbush (Brooklyn,NY) in a non-jewish owned grocery. Kindly reply if the ‘Hechsher‘ is at all reliable and if not, if the product is acceptable. (Purchase price is minimal, $1.39).


Anchovy Paste (Fish). Manufactured in Spain, for “Roland” Company. The Hechsher reads inside the symbol: Harabanut Harashit of Madrid, Spain. The Kashrus symbol is a round design with a Star of David inside it and some Hebrew lettering, as well as English, saying Kosher, Parve, the Hebrew word “Hareshit” is misspelled (with ‘Samach, instead of ‘Shin’). The ingredients are (as per box): Anchovies, Salt,Olive Oil, Acetic Acid. “Packed exclusively for American Roland Food Corp; New York, NY 10010. visit us at

Roland also sells Sardines with the OU symbol, I have no problem with those products. I doubt that there is a Orthodox Jewsish population in Spain, so a Rabbinic endorsement from there raises my suspicion. 

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