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Aish Tanoor

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3SK Cafe

CAFE, Cholov Yisroel, Dairy, Restaurants/Cafes/Take-Out Menu https://www.3skcafe.com/menu-1 Address 1054 Eglinton Avenue West , Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6C 2C6 Phone: (416)781-0375 Email info@threesisterskitchen.ca Website 3skcafe.com

I’m observing Halal, can I eat Kosher or do I become Haram?

Short answer: Yes,  Muslim’s cat eat kosher in peace. Just make sure there is no alcohol in any of the ingredients.  You’re not doing anything wrong, so you will not become Haram. Let’s understand “Halal” and “Haram” What is “halal,” and what is the term “haram,” the opposite term, and why could Muslims “make do” …

Are Galaxy Truffle Kosher? By which certification?

This is what I found on their website [open]: Are your products kosher? By which certification? Our products are Kosher-Dairy certified by KSA (Kosher Supervision of America). KSA is recognized and accepted by rabbinical associations throughout the world. It is the largest Orthodox certification agency in the western United States. For more information, please visit www.KSAKosher.com. …