Keter Malchut Israel

Welcome to Keter Malchut Israel. Shalom! Keter Malchut Israel was a Judaica store in Edmonton until 2013: Your One Stop Shop for Judaica Jewish Ritual Objects & All Your Jewish Needs. Check out our selection of Prayer items, Holidays necessities and Bar/Bat mitzvah gifts.. SPECIALS   Mezuzah Made in Israel, accurate and finely written on high-quality …

Is Sinai kosher?

This is the message from sinai kosher: Bests Kosher, Sinai Kosher, Shofar and Wilno products will no longer be manufactured by Sara Lee Corporation YOU SHOULD DOUBLE CHECK IF THEIR HECHSHER (KASHRUS) IS STILL INTACT

Is Amy Pizza Kosher?

“K” is not recognized as a kosher symbol Amy Pizza is NOT Kosher. According to their website, they have Tablet K kosher (although some boxes clearly show “K” only). Most of the orthodox rabbis are not accepting Tablet K kosher and do not recommanding eating their products.