Badatz Amsterdam

Badatz Amsterdam Head of Institution: Rabbi Eliezer Wolff shlit”a Manager: Rabbi Schmuel Katz Address: Van Der Boechorstraat 26 P.O.B: 7967 City: Amsterdam 1008 AD, Holland Contact: 3120-646-0046 Fax: 3120-646-4357   Related Topics Stuck in Airport Without Kosher Food?… Finding kosher food in Schiphol, Netherlands

Israeli F-16s to participate at Maple Flag XXXVIII

Friday, May 13, 2005 – For the first time, the IDF/AF is dispatching fighter jets to Canada to participate in the Maple Flag exercises which will take place May 15-June 24. They will have 10 F-16s and about 150 air crew in Alberta. The Israeli air force confirmed that it had accepted a Canadian invitation to participate in …