Kosher Hong Kong

There once was a local hechsher in Hong Kong. But we do not know what happened to it. There does appear to be a functioning kosher restaurant there in the synagogue in Kowloon. Also there is chabad If you know more information please tell us.

What is Mashgiach?

A mashgiach (Hebrew: משגיח כשרות‬) is a Jew who supervises the kashrut status of a kosher establishment. A mashgiach may supervise any type of food service establishment, including slaughterhouses, food manufacturers, hotels, caterers, nursing homes, restaurants, butchers, groceries, or cooperatives. The mashgiach usually works as the on-site supervisor and inspector, representing a kosher certification agency …

Do you have list of Pessach Certified Toothpastes?

Click here for list of Kosher for Passover Toothpaste List Rav Schwartz (CRC) holds toothpaste does not require hashgachah, but…[Read more] Toothpastes are Kosher because it is not pleasant tasting and not swallowed The most kashrus sensitive ingredient often found in toothpaste is glycerin, which is often animal based, and usually makes up one third …

Is Sinai kosher?

This is the message from sinai kosher: Bests Kosher, Sinai Kosher, Shofar and Wilno products will no longer be manufactured by Sara Lee Corporation YOU SHOULD DOUBLE CHECK IF THEIR HECHSHER (KASHRUS) IS STILL INTACT