Kosher Hong Kong

There once was a local hechsher in Hong Kong. But we do not know what happened to it. There does appear to be a functioning kosher restaurant there in the synagogue in Kowloon. Also there is chabad If you know more information please tell us.

Where can I get Kosher Food in Edmonton, Alberta (AB Canada)?

Your Local Contact Edmonton Kollel. Contact names, maps and detail can be found here. Scroll down to “what is eKollel?”. Basically there are two Kosher Certifications in AB (click on the symbol for more details): EK Edmonton Kollel CK Calgary Kosher New Kosher Store in Edmonton The “Kosher Food Connection” located in the heart of …

Badatz Rubin Rechovot

Badatz Mehadrin – Rabbi Avraham Rubin Home Badatz Mehadrin – Rabbi Avraham Rubin Feel free to contact us 647-831-4916 Kashrus Administrator: Rabbi Yisrael Bernstein 10 Miriam Mizrachi St., 6th Floor, Room 18, Rechovot, 76106 Israel (9728) 939-0816 (9728) 939-0818 Location

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