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Facility Dairy, Restaurants/Cafes/Take-Out Address Joseph & Wolf Lebovic Jewish Community Campus, 9600 Bathurst St, , Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, L6A 3Z8 Phone: (905)303-2353 Website

Can I learn Torah on Christmas day or Nittel Nacht?

Is it better to learn, or not learn Torah (playing chess) on XMS and Nittel Nacht (Yiddish: ניטל נאַכט‎)? There are two opinions (שיטות): It is a mitzvah or it is forbidden. It is a Mitzvah De’oraita It is a mitzvah de’oraita of learning Torah every day and night. After all, what’s more important — a …

Is cannabis kosher?

Smoking marijuana does not have any kashruth concerns 1. Eatables however does have many kashruth and therefor requires a kosher certification. Some medically prescribed cannabis has a hechser (kosher) symbol on it from the OU.

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Kosher Certification

Mintel’s exclusive consumer research shows that 28% of respondents have purchased a kosher product. Obviously, kosher food is not just for people who keep kosher. The products are also of interest to Muslims, Seventh Day Adventists, vegetarians, and people with food allergies. The kosher labeling system provides a clear listing of the contents of a product and …

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About Us. What is the Kosher Search Engine? eKollel and the kosher search engine is a Non-for-Profit initiative designed to help Jewish (and non-Jewish) people find answers to kosher related questions. We rely heavily on the generous support of people like you by simply liking us (Hakaras hatov) on social media. Yep, we don’t ask …