Penalty for misrepresenting product as kosher

Calling a product kosher to has legal ramifications. Printing a trademarked kosher symbol on a product without certification is illegal. Kashruth organisations somewhat routinely catch products misrepresented as kosher. There are various different responses from kosher agency appropriate for each particular case. The only goal of a Kashruth agency is to ensure the integrity of …

How to Install Hebrew Keyboard on Windows & Linux Ubuntu (with Pictures) include Nikkud

Source: Adding Hebrew language to your computer or laptop Several people have asked me recently, “How can I add Hebrew to my Word or PowerPoint documents?”. (You may not know, but I was part of the Microsoft team that wrote the RTL code for its operating system). If you use Microsoft, you have full …

Tov-Li Pizza & Falafel North

Facility Casual, Cholov Yisroel, Dairy, Parking, Pas Yisroel, Restaurants/Cafes/Take-Out, Shiva trays Food Type Pizza & Falafel Address 5982 Bathurst St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M2R 1Z1(416)650-9800

Isaac’s Bakery & Cafe

Food Type Bakeries, Cakes, Catering services, Cholov Yisroel, Dairy, Nut free, Parking, Pas Yisroel, Restaurants/Cafes/Take-Out, Sandwiches, Shiva trays, Whole grain baked goods, Yoshon available Facility Peanut & Nut Free Bakery Address 3390 Bathurst St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6A 2B9(416)789-7587

Golden Chopsticks

Facility Casual, Meat, Parking, Pas Yisroel, Restaurants/Cafes/Take-Out Food Type Chinese Food Address 7000 Bathurst St, Unit C6, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, L4J 7L1 Phone: (905)760-2786 Email