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How to Install Hebrew Keyboard on Windows & Linux Ubuntu (with Pictures) include Nikkud

Source: Adding Hebrew language to your computer or laptop Several people have asked me recently, “How can I add Hebrew to my Word or PowerPoint documents?”. (You may not know, but I was part of the Microsoft team that wrote the RTL code for its operating system). If you use Microsoft, you have full …

Jewish Book Store

The Book Store Service is not available any more. For a special request – Contact us >>

Can I learn Torah on Christmas day or Nittel Nacht?

Is it better to learn, or not learn Torah (playing chess) on XMS and Nittel Nacht (Yiddish: ניטל נאַכט‎)? There are two opinions (שיטות): It is a mitzvah or it is forbidden. It is a Mitzvah De’oraita It is a mitzvah de’oraita of learning Torah every day and night. After all, what’s more important — a …

Kosher Hong Kong

There once was a local hechsher in Hong Kong. But we do not know what happened to it. There does appear to be a functioning kosher restaurant there in the synagogue in Kowloon. Also there is chabad If you know more information please tell us.