Badatz Rubin Rechovot

Badatz Mehadrin – Rabbi Avraham Rubin Home Badatz Mehadrin – Rabbi Avraham Rubin Feel free to contact us 647-831-4916 Kashrus Administrator: Rabbi Yisrael Bernstein 10 Miriam Mizrachi St., 6th Floor, Room 18, Rechovot, 76106 Israel (9728) 939-0816 (9728) 939-0818 Location

Badatz Amsterdam

Badatz Amsterdam Head of Institution: Rabbi Eliezer Wolff shlit”a Manager: Rabbi Schmuel Katz Address: Van Der Boechorstraat 26 P.O.B: 7967 City: Amsterdam 1008 AD, Holland Contact: 3120-646-0046 Fax: 3120-646-4357   Related Topics Stuck in Airport Without Kosher Food?… Finding kosher food in Schiphol, Netherlands

Kosher Symbols

Kosher Symbols & Signs. The rules of kashrut dictate which foods and drinks can be eaten, how animals must be slaughtered, and how to separate meat and dairy. Kosher animals are more passive in nature (see Hirsch). Some of these laws are driven by compassion for animals, others have different explanations (such as). A kosher …

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About Us. What is the Kosher Search Engine? eKollel and the kosher search engine is a Non-for-Profit initiative designed to help Jewish (and non-Jewish) people find answers to kosher related questions. We rely heavily on the generous support of people like you by simply liking us (Hakaras hatov) on social media. Yep, we don’t ask …